Rituja now serves on the City of Sammamish Planning Commission, Sammamish YMCA Advisory Board and the Washington State Women’s Commission by Governor Jay Inslee.

She has spent more than a decade volunteering as a PTSA Board Member and has served as Treasurer for both the PTSA and the non-profit, Seattle Globalist.

Rituja works at Costco bringing her technology expertise to systems management and lives with her husband, Dinesh, and their two children in Klahanie.

  1. Chris Miske says:


    Best of luck to you in your campaign for Sammamish City CouncilIt seems that you have resonated with those issues that are important to us residents and homeowners.

    I just returned home from vacation to see your political flyer attached to my door. It was signed by you, “Sorry to have missed you.! Rituja.” Unfortunately, the way you wedged it between the door handle and the lock it removed the paint from my door which was repainted last summer at significant expense. I realize it wasn’t intentional on your part and it might be a good idea to simply leave them on the door mat like other flyers. I have taken pictures of both the damage to the door and your flyer for your review. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss how we can resolve this matter.

    Thank you,
    Chris Miske
    (206) 383-2474

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