Traffic and Transportation

As our region has grown, so has traffic. Increased traffic congestion and safety is one of the biggest concerns in Sammamish. As a city, we need to take a comprehensive view of our transportation system and improve transit options, while focusing on safe streets and connecting neighborhoods.


Help bring innovative transportation service solutions like Community Rides, Mobility Hubs.

Make walking and biking safe by creating a network of safe sidewalks and improved roads

Create channels for Public-Private partnerships to find innovative solutions to commuter traffic issues

Growth and Development

High quality public schools, easy access to parks and green spaces and proximity to jobs have made Sammamish an attractive place to live. However, preserving the environment and protecting our natural resources are of prime importance to our community.


Enforcement of rules already in place to ensure development is effectively monitored

Ensure we are actively planning and that infrastructure is in place to support growth

Conserve high priority and environmentally sensitive areas to ensure they are preserved for the future.

Environment and Sustainability

Communities that are environmentally sound attract new investments and benefit the public health of current and future residents. Sammamish residents are environmentally conscious, and there is a demand for sustainability and emissions reductions in our community.

Addressing climate change is a monumental task. We must ensure we execute and hold ourselves accountable to the standards that have been outlined to reduce greenhouse gas emission, reduce our carbon footprint and protect the environment.


Provide homeowners with attractive options for reducing energy consumption.

Promote healthy trails and green spaces to provide recreational opportunities to residents.

Aim to be net neutral in our consumption of energy, use renewable sources of energy to sustain our city buildings.

Community Engagement

Our communities are strengthened when they are connected by opportunities to be involved and engaged. It is important to make residents feel welcomed and strengthen communication and feedback so their voices are heard.


Continue to be transparent with decisions and decision making processes.

Increase community awareness in activities that may impact them

Work with City agencies to ensure that citizens are educated by way of Citizen Academy, workshops, panels and roundtables