Our families, neighborhoods, schools, parks and trails are the heart of the City of Sammamish.  

As a member of city council, I will work hard to be part of a collaborative, transparent, and deliberative council that directs our growth wisely. As we look into the future, we must grow smartly, by taking into account the impacts on our environment, traffic and infrastructure.

We are home to some of the greatest minds in our tech industry and should lead the way in developing innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to our biggest challenges.High quality public schools, easy access to parks and green spaces and proximity to jobs have made Sammamish an attractive place to live.

This means that development and growth along with increase in traffic are taxing our existing infrastructure.  We must improve transportation choices and make our roads safer so everyone can get to work, play and home in a safe and timely manner.

This includes access to commuter rides, mobility hubs,  pedestrian friendly streets to add to our driving options.